August 9, 2021 Travis Thorpe

What Are Trial Presentation Services And Why Do I Need Them?

Are you a law firm or counsel in search of solid litigation support options? When seeking litigation support services, always ensure that they help you make each case as strong as possible. One great way to achieve that is with trial presentations.

At iDepo Hawaii, in addition to providing top notch court reporters, we provide you with the best quality litigation support services customized to meet your unique needs. Today, we’ll discuss what trial presentations are and how they can bring you the best results.

What Is Trial Presentation?

Trial presentation is a collection of evidence that attorneys showcase for a trial. It is to help tell the jury the attorneys’ clients’ stories that make history in order to change the future.  It can come in several different forms.

  • Testimony of Witnesses
  • Deposition Transcripts
  • Exhibits
  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Interactive Timelines

With these presentation options, you’ll be able to tell your clients’ story with a trial technician assisting you all during trial, accessing these presentations with the press of a button. These programs below help give you the power to do exactly that.  The use of visual aids can significantly increase a jury’s comprehension of complex information and subject matter.

  • Trial Director
  • PowerPoint
  • Trial presentation database

These tools help go a long way in making your courtroom presentation experience a smooth one.  Let the Trial Presentation Experts help you look like a pro displaying your side’s technical acumen for you.

Three Ways Trial Presentations Can Help Your Case

To best serve your clients, you’ll need to be highly detailed. You’ll also need access to tools that give you crucial information when you most need it. This allows you to present the best storyline to the jurors.

Here are some ways how a trial presentation can best serve you.

Streamlined Access To Files

Have you ever had to sort through hundreds of pages in a binder to find a document? With a trial presentation technician, you won’t have to go through that trouble.

Before a trial, a trial presentation technician will load the documents, graphics, and videos into a computer. They will then organize them in a rational order so that you’re able to do two things.

  • Call up the information and evidence you need when you need it
  • Be able to review and print out documents when needed

These options will basically have your entire case contained in a laptop rather than in binders. Having instant access to digital files makes trial presentations a litigation support service.

More Enhanced Evidence

Do you have an important exhibit that you want the jury to remember? With the aid of a trial presentation technician, you can ensure the jury can see what you want them to see. Below are some features that can help provide added emphasis to the evidence you call up.

  • Highlights
  • Markups
  • Zooming

This will effectively help you inform the jury of the trial’s key facts.

Instant Editing Options

It’s common to redact portions of documents before showing them to the jury. It can be tricky when you need to edit out a video,  picture, or text. For this, you’ll need special photo and video editing software to address these scenarios.

Most video presentation software comes with these features. Trial presentation technicians are fully trained and versed with these softwares and can append, pull up, and display during the trial for you.  This lets you redact what you need in real-time and eliminates the need for your personal attention to the technological aspect of presenting during a trial, allowing you to stay focused on what you do best.  Lawyering.

Enhanced Methods To Prove Disparities

It’s always possible that a witness changes their testimony during a trial. You can do two things to help prove these types of discrepancies.

  • Display the testimony on the screen for them to read
  • Playback a video of past testimonies contradicting present testimonies

Conflicting statements can make a big difference in a trial. This makes having these litigation support options an urgent need.

Choose Litigation Support Options That Help Create Top Results

The best way to achieve top results is with trial presentation tools that are detail-oriented. At iDepo Hawaii, we are not only a court reporting company; we have litigation support services that can help enhance the way you present your clients’ story in a trial.

Contact us today, and let us work together to help you put forward the best possible case for your clients.

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